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Pricing For Translation

Texts and contents considered as “simple” are ones containing no technical vocabulary related to a particular field or that are not written in a literary or elaborated style.

Examples: emails, client support, blogs, social media publications, etc.

Texts and contenus considered as “standard” correspond to most of documents that comprise structured sentences with standard vocabulary. 

Examples: Marketing material, motivation letter, CV, reports, websites, iOS/Android games and apps, etc.

Texts considered as technical are related to all contents containing terms, vocabulary or jargon clearly intended to an expert audience, and that need the Translator to have knowledge about the subject matter, or, if not, to perform terminology research in order to deliver a quality translation.

Examples: Scientific articles, research reports, Safety Data Sheets for chemicals, manuals for Health Devices, laboratory reactive kits, more complex video games, etc.

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French Proofreading

Texts and contents considered as “simple” are those not containing any technical vocabulary related to a particular field, or those that are are not written in a particularly literary or complex style.

The work here mainly focuses on orthographic mistakes.

Examples: emails, client support, blogs, social media publications and others.

“Standard” proofreadings comprise grammar and orthographic mistakes, as well as the correction of repetitions, the improvement of the style etc.

These corrections are perfect for marketing materials, motivation letters, CV, reports, websites, internship reports or else.

English French Translation Proofreading

You have been delivered an English French Translation for which you are not satisfied with the quality? Tradlite can deal with this. The text will be carefully overviewed, the terms will be corrected and harmonized. If it is a Word document, the corrections will be made in “Revision” mode in order to let you see the corrections made.

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French Voice Over

You need to record a vocal message for a voice mail? An audio description for a museum? It is possible with Tradlite. 

Tradlite can provide you a Voice Over service for all of your Marketing, Advertisement, Descriptive videos and more : the recording will be made between the gaps in order to match the vocal track of the video.

For any video in English, it is possible to send me the script in order to translate and record it into French (Translation not included in the price).