Icône traduction jeux vidéo

 Video games are quite challenging for localization, since they use a range of specific terms and vocabulary, not only relate to the area itself but also to the kind of game. Substantially, a FPS will not be localized as a MOBA or a RPG !

At Tradlite, your video game will be localized according to the context (kind of game, type of device), but also according to the target audience (general audience or passionate players, for adults or rather for young teenager girls for example, etc.). Several styles and tones can be planned according to the degree of seriousness and immersion desired. Typically for the gamer, in French, using “tu” or “vous” will not give the same feeling.

In every case, don’t hesitate to contact me to ask your free quote and enjoy my professional translation services. You will then be able to provide me as much information as necessary concerning the context, the desired terms or the target audience : your satisfaction is mine !